New Growth



KS GLOBAL CONSULTING was founded in 2020 with a single mission: to be the most successful, creative and ground-breaking consulting company in it's Market. To do this we have put initiatives in place that will set us apart from other Development Companies. The focus is on Growth.  Assisting when needed, giving back and educating smart professionals to keep projects going and our Real Estate Industry strong and successful.

Our focus group has the resources to launch these initiatives, especially now in this time of crisis when we need to assist each other and help development keep moving.


Events & Focus Groups

Enhancing our Industry by sharing gained knowledge and experiences through hosting  "Empowerment" Events and Leadership Focus Groups.   

Industry Podcast

"Insider Insights" will give industry professionals a platform to speak candidly about their market, give leadership advice and valuable commentary. 

Woman's Leadership

 As a woman owned business, it is our initiative to support other strong woman leaders in their market.  Through networking and focus groups, we join our efforts to advise and assist peers, as well as acting as a personal mentor to up and coming woman leaders of today.

Development Assistance

Assisting new Ownership entities in full phase development and project management with possible pro bono work and extended terms. We are empathetic to situations and creative in our solutions, reflective of today's market.

Foundation to help luxury resorts and hospitality properties in distress from natural disaster or economic downfall.


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