KS GLOBAL project development process is different than most development companies who just drive process for any project.  KS Global is a sophisticated team each holding historic celebrated careers, who come together with strategies and vision to create best in class trophy projects.


•Strategic Development
•Market Analysis
•Site Selection & Due Diligence
•Mitigate Environmental issues
•Development Planning and Programming
•Cost Analyses
•Brand Development
•Architectural and Engineering Management
•Pre-Construction Analysis & Plan Review
•Property Improvement Plans   (PIP)
•Property Condition Analysis   (PCA)
•Capital Expenditure Plans   (Capex)
•Permitting Process
•Project Team Coordination
•Consult on Procurement
•Contract Negotiation
•Value Engineering
•Design & Project Design Development
•FF&E Procurement & Expediting
•Budgeting & Renovation Analysis
•Pre-Construction & Construction Management
•Project Closeout & Turnover






Establish Owner's Goals and Objectives

The initial step is our participation in the initial planning and development session with Ownership, Stakeholders and the corporate team. This session is a critical phase to clarify your vision, initiatives and goals for the project and make sure our programming and development plan of the project is 100% accurate. 

Real Estate Process 

KS Global consultants will assist with site selection and acquisition, due diligence process, feasibility studies, project budgets and walk it through entitlement process mitigating any issues along the way.

Establish Clear Understanding of the Project Development Team

A well-directed project team is the crucial driver for any project.  Outside the corporate team, KS Global holds their own industry-renowned team of consultants that can assist in any aspect of project development. 

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Urban Architecture Model

Due Diligence, Project Timelines & Budget

During the initial strategy meeting we will discuss performing a Pre-construction Due Diligence report or Property Condition Analysis (PCA). It is especially critical prior to the acquisition of land or assets that poses potential risks.

During programing we will also start to establish the project timeline and initial project budget. This mitigates the risk of reactive value engineering and the establishment of unrealistic timelines. KS Global will drive the initial process and deliver a high-level forecasted project budget and initial project schedule. Both of these elements will be reviewed during each planning meeting.

Establish Project Management Plan and Procedures

As the driving leaders of the project team that is representing Ownership, our role is to set a solid plan in motion and clearly define this to all team members. This plan will enusre a solid process that the Owner can be confident will be followed. The KS Global leadership team will constantly communicate with and direct the project team resulting in a cohesive flow of information and organization.




Your Brand Vision

KS GLOBAL has an experienced leadership team with the resources and expertise to turn your vision into a  brand platform that expresses a unique experience. This unique experience is what will drive repeat customers to your Brand. We take your vision and passion seriously.  As your project partner,  we will bring value ideas for amenities and unique elements that will enhance your brand vision and story, ultimately increasing property revenue.  We are committed to your business plan and success.

 Positioning Analysis

Creating an in-depth micro and macro global market analysis will enable us to position your property as a top leader in the market. KS Global has its fingers on the pulse of trends and key drivers in the industry. By careful analysis, we can better ensure your financial success as we embrace the market intended, capture the demographic you desire and incorporate your vision.

Hotel Desk Check-In

Hotel & Resort Brand Management Negotiations

Identifying the right business model for your project and then executing the plan and pro forma is crucial. Finding the right management and operations partners for your brand ensures it's success. The process of entering into agreements should not be mishandled by quick negotiations from other historic successes. These partners are the day to day managers of your financial success, so the vetting process is extremely important. Your management and operations partners must clearly understand the current property market and the owner’s vision. 

Since we are passionate about each project and your partners, we take choosing the right people for the job very personally.  The project’s operations team is as much a part of the experience as the property itself. 





Design and FF&E Procurement

KS GLOBAL'S mission is to be your project’s complete solution from start to finish.  Along with our KS Global team, we have partnered with a sophisticated team of Architects, Interior Designers, procurement consultants and furniture manufacturers for full process Design Development.  This is a seasoned team that knows the process well from start to finish and are confident we will share the common vision of making your project a complete success.

Construction Management

KS GLOBAL CONSULTING provides only the most seasoned senior project managers for the day to day oversight and reporting tasks. Our construction management team has successfully handled mega ground up projects with significant budgets to small renovation projects all over the world. We go to great lengths to make sure that our team provides attention to detail and constant communications and structured reporting to the owner. Our senior managers are globally minded with the sophistication it requires to run a successful project anywhere in the world.


Estimating and Cost Management

Early phase cost estimating, forecasting, and continued cost management are all vital to the success of your project.  As your partner, it is KS Global’s responsibility to keep an eye on your bottom line.  When needed will conduct forensic studies in order to make quick adjustments and eliminate overages, putting the project back on track. If funding for project pre-planning is needed, KS Global excels in creating capital expenditure plans (Capex) or pre-construction budgets for our owners.