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Kassie Smith is an award-winning leader and consultant who for over two decades has extensively focused on the development of market savvy and financially successful projects across multiple markets. Smith leverages her vast experience from ground up development of mega projects in Las Vegas, bringing vision to life, for a well-received and profitable project.


Founder of first full-service "project development" company in Las Vegas. Reacting quickly to the City’s growth, Smith expanded her team in first year to 35 mangers leveraging all markets and ability to garner multiple projects at one time in different sectors. By the 3rd year the company had the ability to deliver over 45 projects a year, with budgets upward of a billion dollars. It's success inspired separate subsidiary divisions in Multifamily, Resort Hotels + Hospitality, Mixed-Use Masterplans, Government and High Rise Residential. Partnering with developers, investment entities and ownership groups assisted to leverage the growth of the companies. This success gave Smith and her teams notoriety as a sought-after development company.  Furthering on, as a Real Estate Broker, past General Contractor and Investor herself, Smith has partnered with investors throughout her career for acquisition, renovation and repositioning. Doing this gave her the ability to weather the downturn of the market acquiring distressed assets and repositioning them back into the market. Continuing to build a brand in Las Vegas, Smith partnered in large retail stores and created builder design centers to Joint Venture with 12 local Home Builders to service the growth. Smith has been commended throughout her career at building and motivating high performance teams and a powerhouse on projects. Embracing a vision, Smith has been successful at developing lifestyle strategies in the luxury residential and resort market that have shown significant additional revenue streams and expanded the brand of a property. Receiving numerous Awards for excellence in leadership and performance on projects, educated in Architectural Design, Construction Management and Real Estate Development, leveraging her skills for successful projects.

As a philanthropist and leader for her entire career, Smith has raised capital for charities, industry organizations and the ground up development of The Smith Center of Performing Arts in Las Vegas. Ms. Smith speaks at events and has donated her time to woman's leadership initiatives and sits on boards to furthering the success of her market.

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