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Investors Favor Hotels with a Broader Hospitality Sector in Destination Resorts

"The hotel sector has its ups and downs and has experienced uneven effects in the past few years. And high-net worth investors are eagerly putting money into a certain kind of full-service hotel. They are signing on as limited partners to buy resort hotels in vacation locations—the kind of hotels that have been fully-occupied with rising rents ever since people got back in airplanes after the coronavirus pandemic"....

Highly agree! While some consultants may say that PE Funds and HNW Family Offices + Trusts are "all sitting on their dry powder right now and not investing in Hotels", I continue to read positive articles like this. No different than what we read in the mist of the Pandemic in regard to Destination Luxury Hospitality Properties. The point is positively made...The rise in NOI in the "full service" hotel and resort market, and the anticipation that revenues will keep increasing, help buyers secure financing, LP investors feel secure to write checks and no need to beat the seller to a pulp to reduce his price so much that it kills a real valuation. I have never come down from my pedestal, supporting investment in this destination hospitality industry.


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