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The Luxury Market Is On The Rise; Private Aviation, Caribbean Resorts and Private Luxury Villas!

Although Covid-19 has certainly created a worldwide economic malaise, private aviation along with Caribbean Resorts and Private LuxuryVillas seem to have come out of the panic at warp speed. As summer approached, the Caribbean was pacing like an expectant father, eager to get business started again. Many overseas destinations banned U.S. travelers, so an opportunity too big to ignore appeared and the Caribbean communities to advantage.

According to Kaiser Health News, the Caribbean had a rather low presence of Covid-19 and they certainly didn’t want it to increase beyond the capabilities of their small medical facilities. But there was a very large group of people who have been locked up for months looking to travel, so they affected a testing procedure before entering the country that satisfied everyone, especially guests.

The East Coast of the United States is the most populous region of the country and only a few hours flying time to the Caribbean. It is also the home of some of the richest people in the country. According to Forbes Magazine, rich Americans flocked to the Caribbean with reservations for months instead of weeks. For safety and security, they sought out the most private of luxury hotels and villas.

In a recent article from Luxury Travel Magazine, luxury hotels that relied heavily on commercial aviation in the past, are trying to find ways to restore demand. Partnering with private jet companies has been a recent trend pursued by hotels to reduce the uncertainty surrounding travel to their locations. Thanks to its flexibility, private aviation is able to support safe operations to almost any destination. A perfect confluence of different businesses in the same industry where everybody benefits.


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