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KS GLOBAL - Welcome To Our World

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

I feel rebirth is the overwhelming initiative at this time of global crisis. Out of tragedy there always is a lesson learned, and a new appreciation for our peer groups, friends and family. Joining the masses, I have hunkered down for the last 6 months and strategized about next steps of reinvention and growth. Welcome to KS Global…

After 27+ years in Real Estate Development, I have again spearheaded a new brand, and started a new journey with a talented team. With an abundance of talent available right now, I felt inspired to approach a group of senior smart executives who embraced the same mindset and initiatives as I did, to keep projects moving or get back on track. As I do, they see this as an opportunity to assist and support. As a giver, who seems to over deliver when immersed in a project, my empathetic heart has gone out to Owners and Developers who sadly put projects on hold, some indefinitely. So how do we come back, recover or keep things moving? We have listened closely to many different strategies, depending on the business model or positioning of each Ownership Group. The challenge of the re-entry process is the right strategies, flexibility, targeted resources and aligning with companies that are committed as partners to doing this successfully for you. KS Global is one of them, and our initiative is to help Owners be successful. I created KS Global Consulting out of passion, a flexible mindset and a talented team who can strategize substantial options. I look at this as an opportunity.

Welcome to our world- KS Global Consulting.

- Kassie Smith

Founder / Director of Development

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